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What factors affect the spc waterproof flooring price
 Oct 10, 2022|View:132
The SPC waterproof flooring is made from fast-growing wood, and the raw material cost should be about the same. The structure of SPC waterproof flooring is briefly introduced. The first layer is the wear-resistant layer, the second is a decorative layer, substrate layer, and balance layer. However, at present, the price of SPC waterproof flooring varies from tens to hundreds of yuan in the market. Why is there a difference in spc waterproof flooring price?


1. Wear-resistant layer
The wear-resistant layer mainly decides the wear-resistant degree of aggrandizement of composite wood flooring. The large wood flooring enterprises will choose the imported wear-resistant paper. The spc waterproof flooring price is 2-3 yuan/㎡ more expensive than the domestic one, and the difference is not big. But the wear-resistant coefficient of the imported paper than the stability of domestic.

2. Decorative layer
The second layer is the decorative layer, mainly decided to strengthen the color of composite wood flooring, the price of little impact.

3. Substrate layer
This is the main component of laminate flooring, but also determines the environmental performance of the flooring. There is a difference of about 20 yuan between the high-quality substrate and the qualified spc waterproof flooring price, and about 10 yuan between the qualified substrate and the inferior substrate, choice of the high-quality base material of aggrandizement compound wood floor price is certain because of the cost rise and high.

4. Balance layer
The fourth layer of the balance layer, also known as a moisture-proof layer, is matched with a wear-resistant layer, which is simply a good wear-resistant layer with a good balance layer, those poor quality reinforced composite floors will not choose a good balance layer.

5. Brand Value
In addition to these factors, the difference in the brand is also a factor. High-profile wood flooring brands, such as spc waterproof flooring price, will be more expensive than small manufacturers, but such brands are often more secure after-sales.

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