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How to choose the size of the laminate flooring
 Oct 21, 2019|View:350

After almost 20 years of development, the scale of laminate flooring has reached a very impressive state. At the same time, the use of laminate flooring keeps increasing, and more and more different types of laminate flooring have been produced. Then consumers need to consider more points when purchasing laminate flooring. The following are recommendations when you decide to buy a narrow floor or a wide floor.

size of the laminate flooring

1. Considering the size of the room

In smaller rooms, if you use wide planks, it won't show good visual effects and will waste the material. Therefore, for small units, narrow planks are more suitable than wide ones. The color and pattern of narrow flooring can make your room more beautiful. The wide floor is more suitable for larger rooms.

2. Considering the stability of using

In the South, the air is relatively humid, and the stability of the narrow plank is better than wide one. Installing narrow planks can effectively reduce floor damage. But in the north it is more appropriate to choose the wide boards.

3. Considering replacement requirements

If there is a great damage during the period of use of your flooring, you should replace the damaged boards, then the narrow board is easier to be replaced than the wide board. If a suitable narrow board cannot be found, it still can be replaced by cutting the wider plank according to the size of the damaged board. However, when the wider board is damaged, it is difficult to find a replacement.

Therefore, when buying the laminate flooring, it is necessary to keep a certain amount of wider boards, which can be used as a replacement for the potential damaged boards.

In addition to this, many other factors must be taken into account also, such as cleaning habits, air humidity, sunshine intensity and so on. In general, at the time of purchase, the best is not necessarily the suitable one, but the suitable one must be the best.

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