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What is SPC floor
 Nov 01, 2019|View:371

As we all know, in the decoration process, the selection of the floor has always been a difficult thing, there are many things to consider. The often happened is the tiles are easily to broken solid wood floors are prone to damage. Therefore, In order to satisfied customers' requirement, the SPC floor appeared on the market. Let's introduce it below.


The SPC floor is the abbreviation of stone-plastic floor, which is in the form of click when it is installed. At the time of installation, the floor can be spliced without the involvement of an adhesive, and when we used spc floor, it is not inferior to other types of floors. In the home where the floor heating is installed, when the floor heating needs to be repaired, the spc floor can just be removed then repaired the floor heating without any impact on the floor. If you use ceramic tiles in your home, you should first break the tiles then start repairing floor heating. After the repair, You still need to buy the same color of floor to complete the repair. which indirectly adds cost to the maintenance.

SPC flooring has a certain degree of toughness, and the thermal conductivity is also good, it is suitable for the house which installed floor heating. Since the spc floor is waterproof, it will not damage when you clean the floor with a moist mop.this kind of floor does not need to be protected too much when it has been used.and in terms of wear resistance,spc floor is better than ceramic tile.

Finally, you can sum up that in terms of practicality, the performance of SPC floor is better than that of other kinds of wooden flooring. It has both the texture of the wooden floor and the hardness of the tile.So spc floor become a new choice for home decoration. For more information about SPC floor, please feel free to contact us.

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