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Why is it called environmentally friendly laminate flooring?
Date: 2021/05/14


未标题-1.png Everyone knows about formaldehyde. When it comes to formaldehyde, people are not dancing with joy, but worrying. It is because everyone is worried about whether it will affect their health. So when the house is decorated, We often hear the term to remove formaldehyde. Why can some floors be called environmentally friendly laminate flooring?

未标题-1.pngFirst of all, let's understand the environmental protection level of laminate flooring together. The environmental protection grades in laminate flooring are divided into E1 and E0 grades, which are a standard for assessing formaldehyde emission content on the market. The E1 level of formaldehyde emission content is ≤0.15mg per cubic meter, which is a mandatory "safety standard line"; while the E0 level of formaldehyde emission content is ≤0.05mg per cubic meter, the E0 standard is currently the highest international health standard. According to related studies, the formaldehyde content of drinking water is about 0.09 mg per cubic meter, that is to say, the formaldehyde content of E0 standard is less than that of drinking water.

未标题-1.pngFinally, through the understanding of E1 and E0, we know that the formaldehyde emission content of E0 level is one-third of that of E1 level. So when we go to buy environmentally friendly laminate flooring, we must at least choose E1 level. If you have the ability, it is best to buy the highest environmental protection level on the market, that is, the E0 level floor.


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